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Catriona Gray Lava Gown Inspired Mask

 A Catriona Gray lava gown inspired face mask, designed by Mak Tumang, is now available for pre-order.
The "LAVA" is a set of four lava mask priced at 1,500 Philippine Pesos or US$30 and comes in a tote bag. LAVA box, on the other hand, is a set that sells for 2,000 Philippine Pesos or US$40 and comes in a signature box.

LAVA box

Mak Tumang is also selling a beaded mask, called Lava Luxe, in a signature box for 25,000 Philippine pesos or US$500. 

 Every set purchased entitles the buyer (1 person access) to a photo opportunity with the Lava Gown at the Mak Tumang Atelier.

Tumak's Lava Mask collection is one of the newest fad of making face masks trendy and fashionable amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Inexpensive Fashionable Masks for Sale


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